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Before we start. Want to share things to NOT DO!!!

 Never do straight leg sit-ups.

 Hip flexor involvement is bad so only crunch up a few degrees.

 Weak abs prevent transfer of force from lower to upper body.

 Doing abs on your back is a waste of time as it’s not specific.

 Swiss ball ab training is more specific.

 Lower abs are always weaker than upper.

 You can’t separate lower and upper abs in training.

 Only do high rep ab training.

 Only do low rep ab training.

 Never do ab training at the start of the workout.

I could go on, but I suspect you get the point. Personally, I don’t buy into any of the above. There’s a time and a place for everything. The fact is, most of what each of us perceives as our reality is based on our previous personal experiences or observations. My conclusions are based on my experiments with athletes more than experiments on my own. I like the bigger sample size. And just because I write a sample program one way doesn’t mean that’s the only way I do it. You can rest assured I take all the variables and play with them differently in different situations. So this program is just an example of one way to train the abs.


A – Days 1 and 3 (Mon/Thurs)

Warm up:  A – Days 1 and 3 (Mon/Thurs) oing to do the ab training as part of the workout, conduct the recommended warm-up and stretching first. If it’s an upper-body day, I don’t push for a cardio workout but it’s an option. If it’s a lower body day, I lean towards 10 to 20 minutes of light cardio. If the abs are going to be done at the start of the workout, do them after the warm-up and stretch.

Knee up (on flat or incline)

Sets: 1-2 x 10-20

Speed: 313

Rest: 30-60 seconds

Knees to sky

Sets: 1-2 x 10

Speed: 5-10 second hold

Rest: 30-60 seconds

Side raises on Roman chair or bench

Sets: 1-2 x 10-15 per side

Speed: 311

Rest: 30-60 seconds

Seated thin tummy (squeeze cheeks and lift alternate leg)

Sets: 1-2 x 10-15 lifts per leg

Speed: 311 (leg lift portion)

Rest: 30-60 seconds

TIP: Knee up (on flat or incline bench)

In this exercise you get to choose between the lower level of difficulty of lying on the ground, or the higher level of difficulty of lying on an incline ab bench or similar. If you choose the incline bench, you have another decision to make as to what angle to set the incline at.

B – Days 2 and 4 (Tue/Friday)

After a general warm-up and stretching, perform the following:

Curl up for rhythm

Sets: 1-2 x 15-30

Speed: 311

Rest: 30-60 seconds

Bar roll-outs

Sets: 1-2 x 10-20

Speed: 3X1

Rest: 30-60 seconds

Russian twist

Sets: 1-2 x 15-30 full rotations

Speed: 202

Rest: 30-60 seconds

Push-up position on hands (alternate arm/leg lifts)

Sets: 1 x 5-15

Speed: 5 second holds

Rest: 0-30 seconds


That’s it! A little more fun than stage one and a little more challenging! If you’ve achieved the standard expected during stage one, this should represent an appropriate progression. If you’re still struggling with any movements from stage one, stay with the stage one option until you’re ready to move on to the relevant drills from stage two. Yes, you may be doing exercises from both stages concurrently. So get into it and learn by doing! LEVEL 2 is coming soon!


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