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INSANE PUMP Full Chest workout👇

1. Warm up-Push ups: 2sets/25reps

2. Incline Bench Press: 5sets/4-10reps (Count only sets when you reach failure on the last rep. Every set increase the weight. Last set do max 1-4 reps 100% power – recommend to have a partner to spot you help to do extra 2-5 reps)

3. Cable cross overs: 5sets/25 reps(last set SUPER HEAVY 3-5 reps and do immediately without rest a drop set – just pump the muscle with lots BLOOD!! Go all in, max reps)

4. Incline(Small incline)dumbbell press: 3sets/8-12 reps

5. Seated machine dips or if you still can do normal body weight dips: 2sets/18-25reps

6. Pushups: 1set/ MAX reps, when you can’t do a normal pushups, put your knees on the ground and KEEP GOING!!! 


So yo
u want to get huge, do you? Not just larger than you are now—we’re talking objectively massive. You want to stand out from all those anonymous gym rats and get so big no one would ever need to murmur those dreaded words, “Do you even lift?”

🔶This is where it all starts: consistent, hard training. From now on, every workout counts, so go at it with a vengeance! As time goes by, your goal should always be striving to use a little more weight, or do a few more reps.

🔶Knowing when to back off—even take a few days off training—can help you progress. You can’t drive a car pedal to the metal all the time without blowing the engine…

🔶 Doing 8-10 reps per set is a tried and true way to grow. But for more hypertrophy, or when you’re an advanced lifter, it’s good to mix it up with both heavier sets of 5-8 reps and lighter sets of 12-15 reps. For the quads and calves, push to 20-50 reps occasionally. Different muscle fibers respond differently to changes in load and time under tension.

🔶 Everybody knows your body needs rest to grow. So why is it that some people sabotage their results by partying or watching TV deep into the night?
You can train like a beast, but without enough rest, you’ll constantly feel shortchanged. Who grows the most? Babies! So do what they do and sleep as much as you can!

🔶 Protein is the most important of the macronutrients, but you need all three macros in your daily diet to put on the most mass.
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