Get fit and shredded

From 139$ / 4 weeks

INSANE PACK 139 – 389$ (For 4-12 weeks)

Product details: If you follow all given program 100% your body will go beyond limits and you’ll look INSANE! Consists of customized meal plan, supplement stacks, workout program every 2-3 weeks. Weekly progress & photo updates and assessments, and unlimited question answering on phone, Skype, email.

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Once you check out, you’re signed up! I’ll send you a QUESTION list to fill out, so I have all the data about your body and gaol and then I will create and build your INSANE nutrition and training program.

Once I have your personal data, and starting pictures, please allow me 3-5 week days to custom-create your plan. A lot of people want their plans the next day, but quality takes some time so please be patient. Trust me and the process. It will be worth it.

Once you have your plan I will also send you a template that you will need to fill out weekly and send to me. So that means we’ll be in touch weekly to keep you on track and make adjustments where needed. (Update programs, add new exercises, more volume or even create new programs, then the progress will be faster and you will not stop progressing.)

It will allow me to learn more about your body and what works best for YOU, because everyone is different, so it’s going to completely personalized and based on your goal and body.

Get FIT and Shredded:

Who is the LEAN program for?

  1. Anyone looking to shed body fat while maintaining or even gaining muscle mass
  2. Great for people that wants to look good naked and be healthy.
  3. This program is not meant to be a year round program, because YOU WILL ONLY NEED 12-18 WEEKS TO BE FIT, SHREDDED AND WITH ABS
  4. You will be in a caloric deficit while on this program and have cheat meals(only when I will tell you) because it will help you burn more fat.
  5. Vacations, photoshoots, and competitions


Strength, Power and Muscle growth

Unlike your typical bodybuilding program, we include strength progressions to ensure you never hit a plateau.

We will be doing “blasting” (training) really really hard and heavy for reps beating our records, going beyond limits.

After doing this for months your kind of burning out and you know its time to back it off a bit, its time to take a “cruise” (regroup and train lighter and recharge), so you take 2 weeks and train much much lighter (like 60% of your normal weights)  and we will do bunch of new exercises that your going to use on this next blast.

Then we will go forward 2 steps and taking 1/2 step backwards before pushing forward again…..continually. SO THEN WE ARE ALWAYS PROGRESSING!!!

You cannot squat 135 x 20 and then keep adding weight progressively until your doing 900 x 20 in the squat. Everyone knows that is impossible. But you can push/regroup/push/regroup/push/regroup and continually change out or tweak exercises to put yourself into multiple mechanical positions over time so your always progressing forwards

A stronger muscle is going to lead to a bigger muscle.

Not Your Average Bulk

Using this program we will gain LEAN, pure muscle mass. No point of getting fat, because then we will need to cut longer after the bulk. So everything is going to be calculated and based only for your body to maximize your INSANE GAINS.

We will also work on Conditioning, because it will help to do workouts with more VOLUME, you will RECOVER faster and you can squeeze couple more reps = MORE MUSCLE GROWTH.

Also it will train your heart. When you get bigger your heart needs to work more, so just to do everything safer as possible we will also train it!

That means once in a while we will have HIIT workouts to boost your results and train your heart.

We will start from phase 1 (testing week)

Testing Week. Level 1

You will start with a testing week so we can get a baseline of your strength, power and endurance. This will allow us to ensure you are always progressing.

Then next phase 2 is going to be harder workouts, different exercises, meal plan changes and this way you will not stop progressing!

It’s going lots of phases/different levels, but everything will depends how you will progress and how your body will change.

Variety and different workouts

From week to week you will utilize a variety of tools to maximize hypertrophy. We will be changing lift tempo, working on muscular endurance, and lifting heavy all within the same week. No stone will be left unturned and we will bring out your true potential.

If you don’t see an email with a survey in your inbox within 30 minutes, check your spam folder or contact me.

Additional information

Program duration

4 weeks for 139$, 8 weeks for 270$ (save 8$), 12 weeks for 389$ (save 28$)